The Red LineSomething/AnythingRepaintedIntrinsic LayersIndustrial Series No. 39 “Compartmentalized"Industrial Series No. 38 “Interior Space”Indiscriminately Curved, Chittam BurlReliquary No. 17 “Carefully Measured”Reliquary No. 16 “Spring Loaded”Reliquary No. 15 “Marginal"Reliquary No. 14 “Red Wheel”Reliquary No. 8 “Fragmented Rhythm”Reliquary No. 7 “Concentric Circles”Reliquary No. 6 “Indented Gear”Reliquary No. 5 “Constructive”Released MotionIndustrial Series No. 35-GearIndustrial Series No. 30Industrial Series No. 28Industrial Series No. 27Industrial Series No. 25Industrial Series No. 24Industrial Series No. 22Industrial Series No. 21Industrial Series No. 19Industrial Series No. 17Industrial Series No. 16Industrial Series No. 15Industrial Series No. 12Industrial Series No. 7Industrial Series No. 6Industrial Series No. 2WanderingIndustrial Series No. 3Industrial Series No. 1Contrasting StylesSlipped MillstoneSlipped MillstoneKicker IINailedSpatial IntervalsCircle AskewSlipping SidewaysSpiral AdjustmentRed and BlackGray and Red BlocksYellow and Blue SquaresTwo WeldsRust interruptedPeelingTwo Welds and a LineDeterioratingComposition in RustTwo Free NailsAnother TsunamiTilted Keystone with One LooseTilted KeystoneReleased from FunctionStructural CollapseOpposing AnglesApproaching CollapseShifting SidewaysCurvature In SpaceGolden TriangleCubist TorsoCircular RhythmResisting Collapse 2nd viewResisting CollapseLandslide-10 ft W Delta Exhibition 5Keystone redwood and steelInevitable CollapseHypothetical Destination redwood and dyeSpatial DifferencesImmminent CollapseCocobolo Millstone IIIAngled PlanesJogged CubeInterlocked WedgeDouble Keystone712-Pierced-Moon719 Really Rusty720-Leveled-Out686-Divided-Space695 Circular Variations611-Moon's-Surface619-Small-Red-Door628-Colin's-Wall651-Impression-SeriesAdjusted CapacityImminent CollapseOutdoor SculptureInstallationThrowing Shadows710 Split CirclesTexture SeriesWood SeriesSpatial ConstructionMixed ElementsCircling Aroundoverlaping Circle