crystal bridges

I am drawn to abstract, geometric sculpture, the volume of it, the form, the textures, the negative spaces. I am obsessed with tension and movement, the gestural qualities of sculpture. I believe that the individual character of the material can be preserved by the inspiration of the artist, that they can both exist by the combining of the curving lines of nature, together with the angular lines of geometry, resulting in a gentle merging of the two entities, one working with the other in a union of souls. I am influenced by the nature of the material and its resistance to being changed. I think in terms of wood and stone, of the things of which nature is made, of the ease with which nature develops into shapes and forms, created throughout centuries of accumulated time. I persist in seeing sculpture in a purely visceral way, line and mass, the interplay of angles and planes to create effects of light and shadow, with a strong emphasis on visual grace, and a sense of structural strength and unity.